Welcome to the Mind of A Manic.

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Angie Delgado. Twenty. writer. Los Angeles. Music. Indie Rebel. Love Exist. Cool beats. Dreamer, Creative. Lover. Coke. Weird people. Arizona Drinks. makeup. Fashion. Romance. Inspiration. Dog Lover. City Lights.Thinker. Control. Gregarious. Religion. Spider man. NO Stupidity. Traveling. Honduras. Art. Candles. Concerts.The Night. Optimism. screaming out loud. Photography. Street signs. Road trips. Abstract Art. Black and White. Blood. Memories. Chicago. Cold. Fall. Subway. Rainy Days. Walking. Energetic. NO Sleep. Time. City. North Carolina. My thoughts. impulsive. Reckless. Inner Demons. I'm a sad soul. Lack of Language. Horrible person. Wisdom. Dream Big. Non-judgmental. Thoughts. Fear me. Let's keep it Real. Artist Expressing Themselves.